Laundry mistakes are very normal and can happen at the cost of your favorite clothes. Fortunately, you can avoid these mistakes if you hire a wash and fold Charlotte service. However, if you are a DIY type of person, don’t worry. There are still things you can do if you follow several tips and tricks.  

Here are some of the most common laundry mishaps that you need to avoid: 

Over Drying Your Clothing Items 

Every person knows how annoying it is to air dry your clothes. Though a couple of drying methods are not harmful to your clothes, over-drying can result in your clothes to become static, wrinklier, and even cause the fibers to wear down quicker. To protect your clothes, you should stop over-drying them and do not overload them in your dryer.  

Not Cleaning the Dryer 

Every single person knows that we are supposed to clean the lint filter of the dryer after every use. This will help avoid dryer fires. However, oftentimes, people ignore dryer ducts even though they can be a major fire hazard. Your duct is probably clogged if your laundry requires more than an hour to dry. You need to detach the hose from your dryer’s back every year and get rid of any buildup of lint. If you do this, you’ll improve the efficiency of your dryer and keep you safe when using it. 

Not Using the Permanent Press Button 

One of the most common laundry mishaps is wrinkly clothes. Several professionals recommend a medium-heat cycle with a cool-down period. This will help avoid wrinkles. If you want your dryer to go through this type of cycle, you should use the permanent press button. This will help you have crease-free clothing items. Thus, you should not neglect this useful feature. 

Using a Lot of Bleach 

When it comes to getting rid of stains, bleach can be your best option. However, too much bleach can make you sick and irritate your skin. Throwing stained clothes into hot water with a couple of lemon slices is a safe substitute to bleach. This can help get rid of stains. For a huge load of laundry, professionals suggest only using ½ cup of bleach if you do have to utilize bleach. 

Neglecting the Label “Dry-Clean Only” 

While the latest models of washing machines have made doing laundry a lot simpler, there weren’t developed for cleaning delicate items. You can totally ruin your clothes if you throw them in the washing machine, even though it has a “dry-clean only” label. Leather, silk, suede, and anything with embellishments should be dry-cleaned. 

Using Too Much Detergent 

A lot of people think that using a lot of detergent to a laundry load will make clothes every clean. However, the truth is that excess laundry detergent can cause additional suds to hold more bacteria and dirt. This avoids parts such as the collars from rinsing totally clean. That is why it is best to utilize a tiny amount of detergent and add more gradually.