Nobody ever hates sleek, futuristic rooms, but as years go by, more people are ready for the minimalist look. Interior design ideas always change, but the glamor and style never fade. It is still going to be a play for fresh textures, deep colors, lush greenery, and artistic touches. Things even get more exciting, the contrast between design, patterns, textures, and solids continuously occurs. 

If you’re looking to make your home more beautiful, then you must hire an interior designer to help you upgrade its look. Their services are essential in making sure that your home’s interiors are up-to-date yet comfortable and stylish. Here are some interior design ideas to consider: 

1. Pantone’s  

Jewel tones are beautiful and it’s something that you should consider in your home. Violets, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are great tones for any home. You may also consider teal, dark red, and turquoise. Choosing the right colors will render space elegant and sophisticated. Jewel tones are vivid yet not overwhelming. Simply place them on the right canvas and they will pop out just right. 

2. Succulents  

Hanging plants are always around. So, expect them to stay longer. Hanging plants from the ceiling are perfect because their shapes are free form and they can fill that certain corners of the room. Plants bring more drama than you expect.  

3. Velvets 

Luxury fabrics are in demand, which is why velvet is a great choice. Although velvet is associated with the dark and highly ornate Victorian homes, modern velvet is different. It is more flexible for use in modern interiors, especially when made as an accent for silhouettes. The right approach could be a velvety soft throw pillow or window drapes. A velvet sofa is also a good idea. 

4. Sculptures 

This isn’t talking about real sculptures, but sculptural furniture. This is yet another interior designer’s masterpiece. Sculptural furniture, with its unusual shape, is a practical work of art that rarely needs additional accessories. The atmosphere it creates is everything except neutral. It is experimental and eclectic. Using smart parings, you can make it work for your home. Consider getting that sculptural sofa from your favorite furniture store and put it right beside a minimalist coffee table. 

5. Patterns  

For many decades now, if not already centuries, hardwood floors have served as a symbol of value. That’s how people started appreciating some of the most intricate motifs and designs on their ceilings, floors, and walls. When it comes to creating patterns on your floor, the best choices are chevron, parquet, herringbone, and chevron. These are the most traditional floor designs that go beyond concrete, tile, and bricks. Expect to see more patterns and designs in homes now and in the future, as patterns are here to stay. 

These are just some of the ideas that you can suggest to your interior designer. Let him or she find ways to incorporate them to your home, with your approval of course. Then just watch your home come alive in a way that you have never seen before.